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About Our Store

Welcome to Bellcourt Books!

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm

Bellcourt Books was established in 1984 and is owned and operated by Caitlin & Cathy Taber. As well as new books, we have a wide range of antiquarian and good quality secondhand books.

Bellcourt Books occupies a fine old, two-storey bluestone building constructed in 1872 as a Temperance Hotel. Hamilton lies 290km south-west from Melbourne in the wool-growing Western District.

Bellcourt Books is a general bookshop with an impressive range of books in stock, including many unusual titles which you may not see elsewhere. We also stock games, toys, alternative jewellery and gifts, gift vouchers and beautiful fine cards. The dedicated children's book room is a favourite destination for the district's younger readers and their parents. The staff are genuine book-lovers who enjoy helping people find the right book for every reader. 

If the book you want is not in stock we are happy to order it for you. even if it is not normally available in Australia.

Old Books

Upstairs on the landing and in three further rooms there is a large collection of antiquarian and good-quality secondhand books.Each room features a variety of genres with many and varied interest areas. To search online for our old books, follow the link:

It will take you to our web page at Abebooks where you can browse through or search our inventory of old books, and either purchase your book using the Abebooks secure transaction process, or contact us and we can process the payment for you.

Out-of Print Books

A book does not have to be old to be declared 'out-of-print'. It means that the publisher has no more stock left and there are no plans to reprint it.  We are often able to locate such books for customers who greatly appreciate the service.  We also conduct world-wide searches for old and rare books. 

We are also able to take book orders via email if preferred, please see our contact details.

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