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Bug Atlas

Bug Atlas

by Joe Fullman

The third in our award-winning Atlas series, following Dinosaur Atlas and Animal Atlas, Lonely Planet Kids Bug Atlas focuses on the magical miniature world of creepy crawlies. Continent by continent, we take a tour around the globe to uncover fascinating bugs, insects, scorpions, spiders and other icky things that live around, alongside - and often even on - us.

Lonely Planet
Publish Date
November 2021

Maps show where the critters live, while gatefolds and flaps open to reveal their wonderful, and sometimes very weird, mini lives. From spiders the size of dinner plates, stick insects as long as golf clubs and mega-ant colonies that stretch across countries to cannibal mantises, zombie ants, giant millipedes, beautiful butterflies, shiny iridescent beetles and more, this is a fascinating, in-depth exploration of the world of bugs. As with previous titles in this series, Bug Atlas features a mixture of art and photography, densely packed with information and illustrated with incredible images. Features include: Detailed maps of every continent showing where all the fascinating bugs live. Data boxes for each amazing species, listing its name, size, habitat, diet and more. Life-size elements, both big and small, showing you just how enormous a goliath-bird eating spider is (you donât want to know) to tiny bugs that share our homes almost unnoticed. Incredible macro photography revealing the minute detail of these minibeasts Animal Adaptations â" Showing how each species is perfectly adapted for its environment, including the amazing camouflage of leaf insects.

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