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No Words

No Words

by Maryam Master

Hero doesn't feel like a hero, but sometimes she feels as if the universe is asking her to be one.

Publish Date
July 2022

When Aria, a mysterious boy who never EVER speaks, starts at school and is picked on by His Royal Thug-ness Doofus (Rufus), Hero and her bestie Jaz feel compelled to help. But they're far too chicken to actually do anything heroic, so they befriend Aria and try to uncover the truth about him. What happened to his voice? Where did he come from? What are those three dents on his middle finger? This is the story of a 12-year-old refugee who's trying to establish a new life in Australia, grapple with his past and, most importantly, find his voice. 'Cos, boy, does he have a story to tell.

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