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Pip and Houdini

Pip and Houdini

by J.C. Jones

From the CBCA-shortlisted author of Run, Pip, Run

Allen & Unwin
Publish Date
July 2017

Ten-year-old Pip, the girl with 'nerves of steel and a heart of gold', is on another adventure. This time she is on the road to Byron Bay with her dog, Houdini, hoping to find her real mother. Pip has one clue about the whereabouts of her birth mother, Cass - an old postcard from Beautiful Byron Bay. She's been settled with the Brownings, who are planning to adopt her-at least, that's until Pip gets into trouble once again! Now, Pip is sure she won't find a home with the Brownings. There's only one place she might belong, and that's with her mother. With her faithful hound Houdini by her side, Pip sets off north, to find out once and for all what became of Cass. It's a journey filled with interesting people, including a mysteriously musical young woman and a friendly, sun-bitten surfer. But as Pip draws ever-closer to Byron Bay, is she prepared for what she will find when she gets there? Once again this girl as skinny as a piece of string proves that adventure is where you choose to find it and a little bit of kindness can go a long way! Pip and Houdini is a warm-hearted adventure story about a feisty girl and her escape-artist dog exploring the world.

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