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A Recipe for Family

A Recipe for Family

by Tori Haschka

Perfect for fans of Meg Mason and Sally Hepworth; a powerful and heart-rending story about how food connects us and assumptions divide us - and how true family can come from where you least expect it.

Simon & Schuster
Publish Date
August 2022

Things are getting slippery for Stella. With her husband away she's juggling a full-time job, a tricky stepdaughter and a relentless four-year-old - all while trying to find her footing in her spouse's shiny world. Joining the throng of local mothers, she reluctantly hires an au pair in the hope that it will lighten the load. Stella's mother-in-law, Elise, thinks this is a rotten idea. An industrial chemist and staunch feminist, she finds the ethical murkiness surrounding the au pair solution difficult to swallow. But she's promised her son not to meddle, has her own career battles to slay and ghosts of her own past to contend with. For Ava, life in Sydney as an au pair could help fill the void left by the loss of her mother. With her family recipes in her hand and hope in her heart, she sets off to reinvent herself in a place far away. Three women, drawn together by impossible circumstances, will discover that the greatest comfort can often be found in the mess.

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