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Keep Her Sweet

Keep Her Sweet

by Helen FitzGerald

Chilling and darkly funny, Keep Her Sweet is a tense psychological thriller and a startling look at the bonds sisters share or shatter.

Affirm Press
Publish Date
June 2022

When Jen and Andeep downsize to a beautiful, little bluestone house in Ballarat, they don t expect to be followed by their spatting twenty-something daughters, Asha and Camille. Soon the family is living on top of each other and tensions simmer. As the parents focus increasingly on themselves, the girls become isolated, argumentative and violent. When Asha injures Camille, a family therapist is called in, but she shrugs off the escalating violence as a classic case of sibling rivalry and the stress of the family move. But this is no ordinary sibling rivalry. These sisters are too far gone for that!

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