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Seeing Other People

Seeing Other People

by Diana Reid

Seeing Other People is the darkly funny story of two very different sisters, and the summer that stretches their relationship almost to breaking point.

Hardie Grant Books
Publish Date
October 2022

Charlie's skin was stinging. Not with heat or sweat, but with that intense, body-defining self-consciousness-that sense of being watched. She lowered her eyes from Eleanor's loving gaze. Her throat taut with tears, she swallowed. 'You're a good sister, Eleanor.' 'Don't say that.' After two years of lockdowns, there's change in the air. Eleanor has just broken up with her boyfriend, Charlie's career as an actress is starting up again. They're finally ready to pursue their dreams-relationships, career, family-if only they can work out what it is they really want. When principles and desires clash, Eleanor and Charlie are forced to ask: where is the line between self-love and selfishness? In all their confusion, mistakes will be made and lies will be told as they reckon with the limits of their own self-awareness.

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