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On Alliance Failure and China Delusions; Quarterly Essay 86

On Alliance Failure and China Delusions; Quarterly Essay 86

by Hugh White

Is the US-Australia alliance now based on a fantasy? This is a dramatic and original essay by Australia's leading strategic thinker.

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
June 2022

In this essential essay, Hugh White explores Australia's fateful choice to back the United States to the hilt, and oppose China. How did we come to this position - what led both sides of politics to align with America so absolutely? White considers the wisdom of the choice in relation to AUKUS, Taiwan, the Quad, Biden and Trump. Can America's containment strategy hope to succeed? Can America bear the burden of our dependence on it? If not, where does this leave our future security and prosperity? Is there a better way to navigate the disruption caused by China's rise?

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