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Second Best

Second Best

by Ben Pobjie

History is always written by the winners and about the winners. But what about the poor souls lurking in the shadows of history, the ones who were just as remarkable but perhaps didn't stick their chests out as they crossed the line?

Affirm Press
Publish Date
August 2020

In SECOND BEST, Australia's foremost historian and comedian Ben Pobjie celebrates the nobility and altogether more fascinating stories of the silver-medal getters. What drove them on their incredible feats, why did they just miss out, and how did they cope with the oblivion of finishing second? From the Second Fleet, the second man on the moon and Australia's second prime minister whose name we consistently forget, SECOND BEST shines a light on those plucky men and women who, through no fault of their own - or at least only a little bit of fault of their own - didn't quite get there before everyone else, but did get there before almost everyone else.

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