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by Alisa Bryce

In the unputdownable Grounded, soil scientist Alisa Bryce gives you the dirt on all this-and much, much more.

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
August 2022

Life on land could not exist without soil. Almost everything we need can be traced to the soil- food, fibre, medicines - even oxygen produced by plants. What would we be without it? Certainly not a planet worthy of the name Earth. There are already plenty of books about agriculture, ecology or how to grow tomatoes. This book is about the other stuff. Like... * how soil evidence can nail a murderer * the ingredients that make a Test cricket pitch * how the soil affects the taste of your favourite wine * the soil microbes that could be the next wonder drug * tips for digging a POW camp escape tunnel (disclaimer- don't try it at home) or mounting an invasion of Normandy (ditto) * how to be ecofriendly when you're dead

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