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Intoxicating: Ten Drinks that Shaped Australia

Intoxicating: Ten Drinks that Shaped Australia

by Max Allen

The fiery burn of rebellion rum, a thirst quenching gulp of ice cold beer, the medicinal tang of restorative bitters. What did the drinks that shaped Australia first taste like? In search of answers, award-winning writer Max Allen takes us on a personal journey through Australia’s colourful and complex drinking history, glass in hand.

Thames & Hudson
Publish Date
July 2020

We taste the fermented sap of the Tasmanian cider gum, enjoyed by Indigenous people long before European invasion, sip claret and sherry in the cool stone cellars of the country’s oldest wineries, sample 150 year old champagne rescued from a shipwreck and help brew an iconic 1960s Australian lager. Allen also shares recipes for historic cocktails to try at home Blow My Skull, anyone? introduces many of the characters from Australia’s boozy history and offers a glimpse of how our drinking culture might evolve in the future.

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