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Kochie's 11-Step Money Plan

Kochie's 11-Step Money Plan

by David Koch

David Koch, online entrepreneur, finance journalist and trusted Australian media personality knows a thing or two about the family finances.

Publish Date
March 2019

Father of four kids, sole breadwinner, ad a man not afraid to admit to his own odd money mistake, David has also spent hour after hour in the Sunrise studio tuning in to the way the average Australian thinks about money. He knows the extent to which we all:

- spend too much on silly stuff
- avoid keeping track of our expenses
- get overwhelmed by the cost of raising a family
- settle for less in terms of salary
- do without the things that would bring a bit of pleasure to our lives
- pay the banks too much in fees and interest.

David is here to help. In 11 easy steps he shows us everything we need to do to:

- pay less on the mortgage
- put up to $14,000 extra back in the average family budget
- get those finances sorted in 15 minutes a month
- develop a side hustle or get a salary increase (or why not both?)
- learn a little about investing for the future
- tackle debt once and for all.

Friendly, clear and easy to use, this is the guide you need to reset your money habits so you can learn more, worry less, breathe easier and enjoy of the fruits of your labour.

Kochie's 11-Step Money Plan will never be out of date as it comes with a weekly email newsletter from Kochie covering the important things you need to know.

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