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Living Hot

Living Hot

by Clive Hamilton

Surviving and Thriving on a Heating Planet

Hardie Grant
Publish Date
June 2024

Living Hot tells the blunt truth about our current climate change predicament: it's time to get cracking on making Australia resilient to intensifying climate extremes. If we prepare well, we can give ourselves a fighting chance to preserve some of the best of what we have, build stronger and fairer communities, find a path through the escalating pressures of a warming world - and even find new ways to flourish.

To get there, we must leave behind both the doomism and the wishful thinking currently holding us back. In Living Hot, highly respected academic Clive Hamilton and policy consultant George Wilkenfeld shift the emphasis away from reducing carbon emissions and on to making Australia resilient, outlining a vision for an all-embracing and on-going program of investment and social change to protect ourselves from the ravages of a changing climate.

Living Hot is a sober assessment of the challenges we face, and a farsighted road map for what we must do next if we want to survive and even thrive on our heating planet.

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