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by Tom Patterson

Beautifully written and affecting, this is the true story of a young man caught in a world he can't control and how he finds a way to survive.

Allen & Unwin
Publish Date
January 2022

Hey mate, Pete and Steve have been talking to some people who live around the national park where Mark lives. . . nobody has seen him for months . . . We're about to head into the gorge . . . I'll let you know what we find . . . In 1972 Mark May is eighteen. He is bright, beautiful and has a scholarship to study law. Ten years later he descends alone into remote gorge country in north-western New South Wales. He lives in rough camps and stays for thirty-five years. Then, on a feeling, his brothers go looking for him. Missing is a true story of immense emotional force. It tells of a broken life and a ruptured family but is also a spare and eloquent story of survival that carries a deep humanity. It announces a significant new talent in Australia writing.

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