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Secret Life of Whales: A Marine Biologist Reveals All

Secret Life of Whales: A Marine Biologist Reveals All

by Micheline Jenner

From Marine biologist and co-founder of the Centre for Whale Research

NewSouth Books
Publish Date
November 2017

Marine biologist Micheline Jenner discovered humpback breeding grounds off the Kimberley coast, has swum through orange golfball-sized pygmy blue whale poo to uncover a feeding spot, and is one of very few people to witness a humpback whale giving birth. In The Secret Life of Whales she reveals the unknown world of these giants of the deep and shares insights from her work with humpback, blue and pygmy blue whales, taking us from Australia to Antarctica and beyond. Enlightening and eye-opening, The Secret Life of Whales reveals fascinating information about how whales live, tapping into Jenner’s world-leading research and infectious enthusiasm for these magnificent creatures.

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