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The Happiness Plan

The Happiness Plan

by Dr Elise Bialylew

A one month mindfulness guide to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and transform your life

Affirm Press
Publish Date
February 2018

What if you could train your brain to experience greater happiness, focus, and emotional balance in daily life? What if it took just ten minutes a day? In The Happiness Plan, Dr Elise Bialylew offers a roadmap to a happier life. Drawing on her background in medicine, psychiatry and mindfulness meditation, she has created a powerful one-month mindfulness program that will lead you to a more balanced and fulfilled existence. In this transformative guidebook you’ll discover simple practices to: • Increase your sense of wellbeing, balance and joy • Reduce stress and worry (and its negative impact on your body) • Improve your focus, performance and fulfilment at work • Create more fulfilling relationships • Increase your sense of purpose, connection and meaning in life. Featuring access to guided audio meditations, daily mindfulness exercises, fascinating scientific insights and recipes to inspire mindful eating, The Happiness Plan has the power to transform your mind, and your life.

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