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The Rescuers

The Rescuers

by Laura Greaves

Inspirational true stories of adopted dogs who have rescued their owners.

Penguin Random House Australia Pty Ltd
Publish Date
December 2018

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty, and those saved from animal shelters or rescue groups seem to be especially devoted to the humans who have offered them a second chance. In this extraordinary collection, meet the brave dogs that have shown incredible courage – even risking death – to protect their people.

There’s Leala, the Staffy who raced for help when her two-year-old owner fell in a dam; Buddy, the labrador who licked his owner awake to save her from a house fire; and Brian, the pit bull who valiantly fought off three other dogs to protect his owner.

From unforgettable moments of courage to heart-warming tales of true loyalty, these are the stories of some of the most heroic rescue dogs in the world.

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