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The Book of Elsewhere

The Book of Elsewhere

by Keanu Reeves

Penguin Random House
Publish Date
July 2024

The legendary Keanu Reeves and inimitable writer China Mieville team up on this genre-bending epic of ancient powers, modern war, and an outcast who cannot die.

A mind-blowing epic from Keanu Reeves and China Mieville, unlike anything these two genre-bending pioneers have created before, inspired by the world of the BRZRKR comic books.

'An exceptionally innovative collaboration from two remarkable minds.'
William Gibson, author of Neuromancer


She said, We needed a tool. So I asked the gods.

There have always been whispers. Legends. The warrior who cannot be killed. Who's seen a thousand civilizations rise and fall. He has had many names- Unute, Child of Lightning, Death himself. These days, he's known simply as "B."

And he wants to be able to die.

In the present day, a U.S. black-ops group has promised him they can help with that. And all he needs to do is help them in return. But when an all-too-mortal soldier comes back to life, the impossible event ultimately points toward a force even more mysterious than B himself. One at least as strong. And one with a plan all its own.

In a collaboration that combines Mieville's singular style and creativity with Reeves's haunting and soul-stirring narrative, these two inimitable artists have created something utterly unique, sure to delight existing fans and to create scores of new ones.

'A delight . . . let Keanu Reeves punch and shoot his way onto your summer reading list ... a philosophical, violent thriller about an immortal soldier pondering the nature of existence, The Book of Elsewhere has an elegance that might surprise you for a pulp thriller.'

'Stylistically daring, combining sf, fantasy, parascience, history, and action. It's violent, propulsive, and introspective, ultimately offering a philosophical exploration of identity and the meaning of mortality, chaos, and entropy. . . whatever it is, it works.'

'It's clear that Reeves and Mieville are having fun with the tale and its often playful, even poetic language. . . a well-written treat for fans of modern mythologizing.'
Kirkus Reviews

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