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Mark Watson

Infinite Splendours

Sophie Laguna

The Sentinel

Lee Child

Before the Storm

Di Morrissey

The Good Sister

Sally Hepworth


David Baldacci


Resident Dog

Nicole England

The Naked Farmer

Ben Brooksby

Eleven Bats

Anthony 'Harry' Moffitt

Heroes Next Door

Samuel Johnson & Hilde Hinton

Saturday Night Pasta

Elizabeth Hewson

Children’s & Young Adult

We Are Wolves

Katrina Nannestad

The Odds

Matt Stanton

Fire Wombat

Jackie French & Danny Snell

How to be a Real Ballerina

Davina Bell & Jenny Lovlie (Illus)

The Unwilling Twin

Freya Blackwood

Real Pigeons Get Bready

Andrew McDonald & Ben Wood

Sing Me The Summer

Jane Godwin & Alison Lester (Illus)

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