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Children's & Young Adult

The Amazing Night Sky Atlas

Lonely Planet Kids

Mim and the Anxious Artist

Katrina Nannestad & Cheryl Orsini (Illus)

How Do You Say I Love You?

Ashleigh Barton & Martina Heiduczek (Illus)

A Job for Kingsley

Gabriel Evans

Smidgen: How to Make a Pet Monster 3

Lili Wilkinson & Alex Patrick (Illus)

New Gemini: E-Boy, Book 4

Anh Do, illustrated by Tim McEwen

The Brink

Holden Sheppard

Little Spark

Barry Jonsberg


Clare Atkins & Harrison Vial

Alpaca Picnic Panic

Matt Cosgrove

Where's My Baby?

Dreise Gregg

Boss Ladies of Science

Phillip Marsden

No Words

Maryam Master

There's No Such Book


Money Queens

Michelle Bowes

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