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Children's & Young Adult


Aunty Joy Murphy & Andrew Kelly

The Book That Never Ends

Beck Stanton, Matt Stanton

Mummy Cuddle

Kate Mayes, Sara Acton

My Funny Bunny

Christine Roussey

Kensy and Max 3

Jacqueline Harvey


Kelly Canby

Four Dead Queens

Astrid Scholte

Baz & Benz

Heidi McKinnon

Lazy Daisy

Carolyn Goodwin

Cowboy and Birdbrain

Adam Wallace


Mac Barnett

Catch a Falling Star

Meg McKinlay

Let Me Sleep, Sheep!

Meg McKinlay

To Night Owl, From Dogfish

Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer

On the Come Up

Angie Thomas

Queen Celine

Matt Shanks

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