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The Hunted

Gabriel Bergmoser


Ali Smith

Why Visit America

Matthew Baker

The Last Migration

Charlotte McConaghy


The Inner Self

Hugh Mackay

Apocalyse Never

Michael Shellenberger

Play by the Rules

Michael Pembroke


William Watt

Body Count

Paddy Manning

Bush School

Peter O'Brien

Children’s & Young Adult

Coming Soon

Public Enemies

Mark Dapin

Final Cut

S. J. Watson

Lawyer X

Dowsley, Anthony/Carlyon, Patrick

The Golden Maze

Richard Fidler

A Question of Colour

Patricia Lees, with Adam C Lees

A Year of Simple Family Food

Julia Busuttil Nishimura

The Abstainer

Ian Mcguire

The Carbon Club

Marian Wilkinson


Craig Silvey

The Morbids

Ewa Ramsey

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