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Australia's Lost Heroes

Australia's Lost Heroes

by Damien Wright

Anzacs in the Russian Civil War 1919

Simon & Schuster
Publish Date
May 2024

This extraordinary book is both an engaging military history and an enthralling mystery. Australia's Lost Heroes tells the astonishing little-known story of the Australian soldiers who fought the Red Army in Russia in 1919 and the personal odyssey, 100 years later, to locate and identify the lost grave of Victoria Cross hero Sergeant Samuel Pearse VC MM.
The Anzac volunteers fought an arduous campaign punctuated by fierce ambushes in thick forest, swamps and marshes and attacks on fortified bunkers. They also had to fight a war within, avoiding the treachery and mutiny of White Russian 'allies'. Remarkably, two Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross, one posthumously. Yet, unlike the reverence, recognition and commemoration afforded to WWI soldiers, not only do the deeds of Anzacs in Russia remain unrecognised, their graves lie lost and forgotten.
Follow the author's journey to a remote corner of Russia with the grandson of Samuel Pearse in the hope of identifying the lost grave. Guided by a Russian battlefield archaeologist, they discover an astonishing clue which may resolve the mystery of an Australian hero missing for 100 years.
An extraordinary story of national importance dedicated to those forgotten Australian heroes who fought and died in Russia after the Armistice.

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