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Bradman vs Bodyline

Bradman vs Bodyline

by Roland Perry

The definitive story of the most controversial chapter in the history of Australian and English cricket, the notorious Bodyline series, by Roland Perry, author of Sir Donald Bradman's authorised biography, The Don.

Allen & Unwin
Publish Date
October 2021

The events of that turbulent summer centred around Don Bradman, the greatest batsman ever to play the game. With him in their side, Australia appeared unbeatable. And yet England alleged they had found the one shortcoming in Bradman's extraordinary technique. Their ruthless attempts to exploit that real or imagined vulnerability created an international crisis that threatened the very fabric of the Empire. Using new material and his previous unparalleled access to Sir Donald Bradman, Roland Perry has written the definitive account of Bradman and the Bodyline series. Compelling, extensively researched and full of new insights, Bradman vs Bodyline takes us behind the scenes as first Arthur Carr then Douglas Jardine planned a 'fast leg theory' attack designed to potentially injure Australia's unstoppable batsman, and the rest of the team, to allow England to retake the Ashes. From Bodyline's genesis in English county cricket to the key protagonists of Jardine, Harold Larwood and Bradman himself, Roland Perry has written a riveting account of a sporting outrage that came closer to destroying the relationship between Australia and England than anything before or since.

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