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Searching for Novak

Searching for Novak

by Mark Hodgkinson

The man behind the enigma

Publish Date
July 2024

'A fantastic and fascinating exploration of the life of a great champion... Full of compelling insight.' - Tom Hiddleston

'This book captures the deep complexities in Novak's mind and his life and how he's dealt with them in a thoughtful, soul-searching way.' - Chris Evert

'A fascinating insight into the greatest tennis player of all time.' - Evening Standard tennis correspondent, Matt Majendie

'An absorbing insight into the story behind the greatest player of all time.' - The Times tennis correspondent, Stuart Fraser

'Mark Hodgkinson goes memorably deep on Novak Djokovic - from his hard-luck beginnings to his gluten-free diet to his unorthodox mind - helping us better understand one of the most fascinating figures in sports.' - Christopher Clarey, author of The Master

'Meticulously-researched, this is a go-to book for anyone who wants to get a real insight into what has made Novak Djokovic such a champion.' - Simon Cambers, author of The Federer Effect

No man or woman has won more Grand Slam singles titles than Novak Djokovic, who took his 24th major at the 2023 US Open. Based on fresh interviews with people close to Djokovic - including his friends and mentors, along with his former coaches and his rivals - this is an in-depth exploration of the psyche of one of the most fascinating and controversial sporting characters ever. From a bomb shelter in Belgrade to an immigration detention centre in Melbourne, and everywhere in between, this book uncovers his relentless pursuit of perfection and the unconventional beliefs that have propelled him to greatness.

Rage. Forgiveness. Shame. Pride. Love. Searching for Novak examines the psychological and emotional side of rewriting tennis history.

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