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Non Fiction

Top 50 Indoor Plants And How Not To Kill

Angie Thomas & Yates Australia

The Library Book

Susan Orlean

Dear Santa

Samuel Johnson

Mutiny on the Bounty

Peter FitzSimons

The King's War

Peter Conradi & Mark Logue

Vital Science

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Eat Your Greens

Pete Evans


Stephen Fry


Elizabeth Kleinhenz

A Sporting Chance

Titus O'Reily

New Jerusalem

Paul Ham

The Tree

Richard Woldendorp

Unfettered and Alive

Anne Summers

Words That Go Ping

Barbara Lasserre

Special Guest

Annabel Crabb & Wendy Sharpe


Anthony Puharich & Libby Travers

Best in Travel 2019

Lonely Planet

Annie Leibovitz at Work

Annie Leibovitz

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