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In the Term 1, 2018 school holidays, we are pleased to announce a range of events including visiting authors and artists, reading and writing workshops.

We are very excited about the visits of our Authors in Residence, Zanni Louise, Yvette Poshoglian and Sue Whiting.

Enquire at The Children?s Bookshop, 6 Hannah Street, Beecroft.

Tel 9481 8811

Workshop 1: Join Pig the Pug and Friends

Learn new writing skills with teacher extraordinaire, Jocelyn Shute. This fun workshop will cover a range of art and craft stories based around the Pig the Pug series, listening to stories and generally enjoying the characters of Aaron Blabey?s best-selling books! All participants receive a Pig the Pug showbag!

   When? Wednesday, April 18th9-11      For Students Ages 4-6       Cost? $30 per student. All materials are provided. Book early!

Workshop 2: Story Secrets Workshop with Sue Whiting

Did you know that writers are actually tricksters? Every word they write aims to trick you into wanting to know more: to read the next page, one more chapter and another until, before you know it, you've reached the end and you're wondering how on earth that happened! In this workshop Sue Whiting will divulge some of the super-secret techniques writers employ to make sure readers are compelled to turn the page and keep reading. She will show you how to use your imagination to turn simple ideas into amazing stories, to create intriguing characters and exciting plots. (Note: all participants will be sworn to secrecy before leaving.)

When? Thursday, April 19th9-12-30pm     For Students Ages 10-14      Cost? $50 per student . All materials are provided. Book early!

Workshop 3: Playing with Poetry with Yvette Poshoglian

Learn how to write a range of poems with Yvette and bounce off the other poets in the class. We?ll explore rhyme, rhythm and meter, using humour, drama imagery and the senses to construct our poems. For those interested in the performative element of poetry, we?ll also be working on our delivery, breath and voice skills. Warning: this session will make you fall in love with poetry! Come prepared to play with words!

When? Friday, April 20th, 9-12-30pm    For Students Ages 8-12     Cost? $50 per student. All materials are provided. Book early!

Workshop 4: Magic Story Workshop with Zanni Louise

Inspired by her new series, Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush, CBCA nominated author, Zanni Louise, takes young writers on a magical writing journey into the imagination. Armed with an imaginary magic paintbrush, nifty story ideas, and a big imagination, young writers will step outside reality and create a story they are proud to share with others. This workshop promotes creative thinking, writing confidence and collaboration.

When? Tuesday 24th April, 9-12pm   For Kids aged 6-8     Cost? $50 per student. All materials are provided. Book early!

For Adults

Workshop 5: A Workshop for Adults: 

Create Compelling Stories for Children   With Zanni Louise

Full day workshop, 9am- 4pm, Monday 23 April, $120

Lunch provided.

In this engaging workshop, CBCA nominated children?s author, Zanni Louise, shares her experience as an author, and guides writers to unlock their story ideas and unique voice. Writers learn storyboarding techniques, and work on growing ideas into a compelling narrative children will relate to. Through a dynamic group workshop, Zanni helps writers hone their writing, and prepare it for publishing. Whether writers are wanting to publish stories, or simply share with loved ones, the goal is to create a story children will love.