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January Workshops at  The Children’s Bookshop, Beecroft

In the January School Holidays 2019, we are pleased to announce a range of events including visiting authors and artists, reading and writing workshops.

Enquire at The Children’s Bookshop, 6 Hannah Street, Beecroft.

Tel 9481 8811

Workshop 1: Monster Mayhem!  with Deb Tidball.

A writing workshop and more for 6-8 Year olds….

Bring out your inner monster in this interactive, playful workshop. A fun mash up of role-play, games, craft and writing run by award-winning author Debra Tidball. For ages 6-8.

When? Monday January 21st for Ages 6-8,  9am-12pm

Cost? $50 per student. All materials provided.

Workshop 2: Storming Brains

A Writing Workshop with Tim Harris…

Have fun brainstorming silly ideas, designing quirky apps, creating whacky conversations and enjoying the power of humour in this engaging and fun-filled workshop. 

When?  Tuesday January 22nd,  For Ages 8-12,   9am -12-30pm

Cost? $50 per student. All materials provided.

Workshop 3: Illustrating with Aura Parker

Get ready to draw, draw, draw in an illustration workshop with Aura Parker…

Learn how to design memorable and expressive characters and invent some of your own! Start with guided illustration and draw some of Aura’s picture book characters. Aura will demonstrate how to use watercolour paints and you will experiment with different drawing materials; coloured pencils, watercolour and charcoal as Aura shows her illustration process from the idea and initial sketch to final artwork.

When? Wednesday January 23rd, 9am- 12-30pm,  For Children 8-12

Cost? $50 per student. All materials are provided. Book Book early!

Workshop 4: Adventures in the Deep Dark Forest 

Children in this workshop will share the stories and adventures of fairytales set in the deep, dark forest. Children will enjoy a range of art and craft activities based around the book Beware the Deep Dark Forest.

See you on the day!

At the end of the workshop at 11-15am, kids are invited on a quest to find fairytales characters in the Arcade- Join the quest!

Workshop Leader: Jocelyn Shute is a talented teacher and a great friend of

The Children’s Bookshop.

When? Thursday January 24th  , 9am-11am.

 Cost? $30 per student. All materials are provided. Book early!