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This is a selection of books that will be instore very soon


Isabel Allende

The Christie Affair

Nina de Gramont

Notes on an Execution

Danya Kukafka

How to Be Perfect

Schur Mike

Don’t Call us Carnies

Norma Brophy with Wendy Stuart

In an Artist's Garden

Claire Orrell

The Furies

Mandy Beaumont

The Islands

Emily Brugman

The Maid

Nita Prose

Love and Other Puzzles

Kimberley Allsopp

The Torrent

Dinuka McKenzie

The Italian Girl

Anita Abriel

The Betrayal of Anne Frank

Rosemary Sullivan


Sally Sutton

Mrs Koala's Beauty Parlour

Catherine Jinks and Tania McCartney

Undiscovered Tasmania

Rochelle & Wally Dare

Again, Rachel

Marian Keyes

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