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The Passengers

Eleanor Limprecht

The Break

Katherena Vermette

The Ruin

Dervla McTiernan

The Girl in the Woods

Camilla Lackberg

Two Sisters

Asne Seierstad


Jim Crace


Rebel with a Cause

Jacqui Lambie

Healthy Hormones

Belinda Kirkpatrick and Ainsley Johnstone

What Are We Doing Here?

Marilynne Robinson

Skin in the Game

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Lost Connections

Johann Hari


Michael Pembroke

Children’s & Young Adult

White Night

Ellie Marney

My New Best Friend

Meredith Costain

Room on Our Rock

Kate Temple


Neal Shusterman

Me Too

Erika Geraerts, Charl Laubscher

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